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Arab, Saudi - Hijazi of Saudi Arabia
Population:  9,901,000
Status: Unreached
Tanaoli of Pakistan
Population:  647,000
Status: Unreached
Badhai (Muslim traditions) of India
Population:  606,000
Status: Unreached
Lamet of Laos
Population:  24,000
Status: Unreached
Kheng of Bhutan
Population:  35,000
Status: Unreached
Brunei Malay of Brunei
Population:  181,000
Status: Unreached
Songhai-Humburi Senni of Burkina Faso
Population:  11,000
Status: Unreached
Berber, Tekna of Morocco
Population:  593,000
Status: Unreached
Bassari of Guinea-Bissau
Population:  500
Status: Unreached
Guhayna of Sudan
Population:  2,013,000
Status: Unreached

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