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Buddhism488,002,00061650381.7 %
Christianity2,323,660,0007,10200.0 %
Ethnic Religions704,396,0002,66399337.3 %
Hinduism1,139,530,0002,4912,32893.5 %
Islam1,757,634,0003,5423,00084.7 %
Non-Religious984,360,000254197.5 %
Other / Small59,555,00014714498.0 %
Unknown7,955,00047919.1 %
Totals:        8 Major Religions 7,465,091,000 16,862 6,996 41.5 %
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<span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Bedouin, Berabish of Mali  (180,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Pinjara of Pakistan  (179,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Banjara (Muslim traditions) of India  (167,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Bedouin, Sanusi  of Libya  (611,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Berber, Imazighen of Morocco  (2,691,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Khinalug, Ketsh Khalkh of Azerbaijan  (2,400) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Teli (Muslim traditions) of Pakistan  (2,796,000) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Romani, Sinte of Kazakhstan  (6,100) <span style='color:red;'>Unreached:  </span>Badhai (Muslim traditions) of India  (622,000)
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